Mormon sex slave case re-emerges

Daily Mirror

Joyce Bernann McKinney (posing nude) and her alleged victim, Kirk Anderson, c. 1978. Photos: Daily Mirror

A bizarre case from the UK in the 1970s concerning a Mormon missionary who claimed he was abducted and raped by a Wyoming beauty queen re-surfaced this week. The UK site Mail Online has the full story, but here are the cliff notes:

Apparently Kirk Anderson, a 21 year-old Mormon missionary serving in the UK in 1977, claimed he was abducted by a 28 year-old woman by the name of Joyce McKinney with the help of a male accomplice. He was then taken to a remote honeymoon cottage and tied to a bed while McKinney repeatedly demanded that he marry her. When he refused, she put on a sexy nightie, tore off his pajamas and raped him.

Yup, you heard that right. According to the press coverage, she took off his clothes and she raped him. When he got loose he went to the police about it, and the story became quite the media circus back in the day (aided by McKinney’s good looks and willingness to take nude pictures for the media).

Now now, try not to laugh. If the gender roles were reversed and this was a story about an obsessive male stalker abducting and raping a female Mormon missionary, no one would be laughing. No one would sit back and say, “Well, he’s a really attractive guy, I don’t see what the rape victim is complaining about.” For a woman to rape a man may be a rare occurrence (ostensibly because men are so horny they never say “no” to sex), but it can happen.

"Bernann" McKinney with a cloned puppy

"Bernann" McKinney with a cloned puppy

Why is this story back in the headlines? Because recently a woman calling herself “Bernann McKinney” became the first person to have a pet cloned by a commercial company, in this case her pet bulldog “Booger.” Some savvy media types recognized her name and face (Bernann was Joyce McKinney’s middle name) and now it looks very, very likely that the two McKinneys are one and the same.

This woman ought to be locked up. If allegations of kidnapping, rape, assault and attempted kidnapping aren’t good enough reasons, wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on something as stupid as cloning an ugly pet should be. Oh, and add “wearing too much hideous eyeshadow” to her list of crimes against humanity.

SMALL UPDATE ~ A participant named “gramps” on the Mormon Discussions forums had this to say about Kirk Anderson:

When I arrived at the mission home in Epsom, Surrey, circa 1978, I met Elder Andersen. He was the Mission President’s secretary at the time. The events mentioned above had happened shortly before I arrived.

He looked terrible. He was thin, his pants falling off him. Really, he looked bad. But, he was the nicest guy. And I really enjoyed talking with him.

I hope he is doing well now.

Interesting. Sounds like he was a stressed and traumatized person if true.

UPDATE II ~ The dog cloner admitted to being the woman accused of sexual assault in 1977. Worst-kept secret in the world.

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Mormon sex slave case re-emerges — 20 Comments

  1. 21 y/o got raped by a beauty queen at a romantic cottage… ss or it never happened.

  2. Judging by the photograph of her in her “hayday” I would’ve skiied naked down Mt. Everest in the nude for her to have taken “advantage” of me. But… Now she looks like the love child of Skeletor and Leatherface… If it were possible.

  3. This lady is truely insane!!!!! Just ask any local!!!! She used that dog “Booger” for everything. I am not that suprised that she is in the news yet again. WOW just do some google searching with her name to find out more info and pictures!

  4. That no one seems interested in prosecuting this woman for rape is a tragedy. No one, regardless of their gender, should ever have to submit to unwanted sex. If you know anything about Mormon missionaries, you know they willingly sacrifice much to serve a mission. They use their own money to finance their two year missions and are sent to where ever they are needed around the world. They have no choice in where they are sent, leaving it up to the leadership of the church, but they go willingly. Their mission life is spent preaching the gospel to everyone they meet, and providing community service, such as cleaning city parks, teaching English, or even helping out their neighbors. Missionaries are expected to devote at least 10 hours per week toward community service, though many do much more. They agree to be totally celibate while on their missions and focused only on serving others and teaching the gospel. Those who have made jokes about this young man who was kidnapped and raped have no idea the shame and turmoil he must have felt. I would like to see them put this woman in prison and throw away the key.

  5. OK- This guy was raped- I believe that fully and I am angry that she was not duly punished for her heinous crime. Not only did she get away with it in England, she got away with stalking him in Utah in the 80′s when she was allowed out on bail instead of being remanded to custody as an obvious flight risk. I hope she gets jail time. Unfortunately the statute of limitations will prevent that. What a nut job!

  6. Wait until you hear what REALLY happened to Booger, the dog. Her Dad shot it because according to her, “…the dog was molesting her”. Yeah right. She really DID use that dog for everything.

  7. First thing to remember is she was INNOCENT and was never charged witrh rape, nor could she have been, under Englsh law. No sexual charges were preferred agazinst her, only “wrongful imprisonment2 a relatively minor offence and not to be conflated with “kidnapping.” To say she “was
    never brought to justice” is ridiculous, although I agree she should have stood her ground and been found not guilty, as I am sure she would have been.

    Bob Marshall-Andrews, who was barrister for the complainant at the time,
    said the courts were glad to see the back of them BOTH when she skipped
    bail She was sexually adventurous, yes, but the guy was six feet four
    or something, and she was a petite little thing – she didn’t overpower
    him and tie him up. He must have complied up to a point. It would have been unsafe to convict. What happened to her is exactly what happened to
    me – the guy blamed her so as not to lose his job – in the McKinney case
    being excommunicated from the Mormon church, in mine being fired by
    Scottish Rail. I do believe she may have stalked him since, but that
    was never in an extreme enough way to have been a crime, and anyway she
    was never charged with this. I am fed up with hearing about women being
    charged with murder and false imprisonment and conspiracy mainly because they are not chaste – look at the Thompson/Bywaters case in England where a woman was, in effect, hanged because she was an adulteress. The woman did not condone or assist her lover in any way in the murder of her elderly husband, but her adultery was emphasised over and over to the jury, though she was not on trial for that. It makes my blood boil and THAT is why I admired Joyce McKinney, though I would have admired her more if she had stood her ground and fought.

  8. Hurray for Chislaine and his comment!!! At least there is ONE intelligent person here who is NOT a Mormon cultist and who knows that Ms. McKinney was NEVER CHARGED WITH RAPE. That is a concoction by Mormon PR men to cover up his three day love affair with Ms. McKinney, who was, by the way a virgin who didn’t even smoke or drink. Her only flaw was, she was too sweet and trusting. As for the faked
    “nude photos” you and others have printed, which are actionable legally as well as your malicious slander and character defamation, are you so dishonest that you did no research to find out HOW they were faked [before you printed them]? Did you have Ms. McKinney’s CONSENT to use her photograph– along with your slanderous, libelous stories? I’ll bet NOT! Did you not even see the poor job that was done on the forged modeling release where they misspelled her name? Are you not aware that your precious Mormon leaders were seen, MEETING WITH with a British tabloid, who then paid a false friend of Ms. McKinney’s to BREAK INTO HER HOME and steal photos from her modeling composite (all clothed) which were then ALTERED to make her appear “naked”–as well as to be printed along with terrible stories to make her appear immoral–and to ILLEGALLY SUBJUDICE her case, so that it was never continued? The tabloid even bragged about how much they had paid the burglar, who they then “smuggled out to Mexico” to avoid prosecution! I even saw one faked photo which had air brush lines on it where they had “painted out” her two piece swimsuit. Ms. McKinney was a modest person. Can you imagine how mortified she was? No. Nor can you imagine the pain you scandal mongering small town minded MORMON CULTISTS have brought to her by repeating your filth over and over! But that was the whole point in the Great Mormon Press Hoax, wasn’t it? To discredit her so that if she “talked” on why she rejected –and left–Mormonism, (which is like getting out of The Mafia) no body would believe her, or so you thought. But the whole cover on this hoax is about to be blown right off. So buckle your safety belts, Mormons. AND WATCH YOUR LYING TONGUES! She has sued once and WON a huge lawsuit already for nuts idiotic enough to say “a former Miss Wyoming USA raped a man”. And for the recent round of slander, she is suing again. Lucky that your names are traceable and that a subpoena can be issued to demand that you appear in court as evidence as to how you Mormon cultists organize to slander and discredit her– because she was a dissident who spoke out against the abuses and false doctrine of the Mormon cult. As for Truth-teller Ghislaine, can you give us an address where to write you? I’m sure Ms. McKinney and her lawyers and literary agents would like to thank you for speaking out in her behalf and for stating The Truth. The only thing that Ghislaine left out was: that 300 pound Anderson admitted in court that he NEVER SAW ANY CLOROFORM. And for you Mormons propagating slander: Check out the COURT RECORDS and get court statements before you slander Ms. McKinney. (The other two Mormonized version of the story are that chubby Kirk was
    held at “gunpoint” and the third version,”knifepoint”. Which is it? … you Mormons need to get together on your contradictory choice of weapons!) Nuff said. See ya in court!

  9. Alright eb, I’m a fan of free speech on this web site, but that’s the last crazy rant I’m allowing you; as entertaining as you are, the next one gets deleted. I already made fun of and dissected the first one here and here, and you completely ignored my response.

    The nude pictures of her were not faked by the media. You are a liar, and a bad one at that. She posed nude for other pictures here (warning: contains ACTUAL nudity).

    Two, I already informed you last time that I am NOT a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon church), and I NEVER have been. I guess that makes YOU guilty of lies and slander, but we already knew you weren’t interested in truth. Oh, and grats on being too stupid to see the tagline at the top of the blog which mentions I’m an evangelical Christian.

    Finally, you already tried your crazy “YER GONNA GIT SUED” story, and we deflated it. Joyce Bernann McKinney has not sued anyone over these stories (much less won a lawsuit), she is not going to sue some little nobody blogger, and if she actually tried to, not only would her name be dragged even further through the mud by the blogging community, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell she would win.

    Now get off your computer and chill the hell out.

  10. How does a woman rape a man? Seriously, how does that work? If the man was afraid… would he get an erection?

  11. From what my male friends tell me, yes. You can get an erection while experiencing all kinds of emotions that have nothing to do with actually wanting sex. So I guess that in order to rape a man, a woman (1) ties him down facing up, (2) plays with his genitals until he gets an erection (3) hops on board. Not that I have plans to try it or anything…

  12. Well she’s got an attorney now and she’s after Errol Morris and my girlfriend,, for reviewing it and I don’t know how many more are in this… so maybe she sees dollar signs somewhere. I’ll keep you informed. Shane

  13. Shane ~ That long rant of a comment by “truthteller” has me more convinced that my own EB (see this comment here) really was McKinney. Wow.

    Has your girlfriend actually been contacted by a lawyer? Please do keep me informed.

  14. This seems to be the same idea shared by my girlfriend. So she is not really concerned. either. All of our friends, other film critics, who read it agree. I will keep you informed should anything happen. Also look to my blog for changes. thanks, Shane

  15. If all you’ve gotten are angry comments on your blogs gnashing teeth about lawsuits, I don’t think you and Marilyn have much to worry about. McKinney (assuming eb & truthteller = McKinney) did the same thing to me two years ago and I never heard a peep from a lawyer in real life.

    It seems to be a scare tactic she employs every few years to try and silence bloggers who are writing things about her that she doesn’t like.

  16. Thanks for all the support Ms. Jack. I figure you’re right about this from many responses since this started. She loves the limelight I guess. Sad.

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