Mormon feminism in the news

So, it seems Mormon feminism has been getting a bit of attention in the news lately.

For starters, my friend and fMh blogger Tresa Edmunds (aka Reese Dixon) was published in The Guardian: “Mormon, and feminist, too.” Tresa also published an article on “The Next Generation of Mormon Feminism” as part of the Patheos Future of Mormonism series.

Peggy Fletcher Stack has a lengthy feature article in the Salt Lake Tribune: “Mormon feminism: It’s back.”

And finally, Tresa is heading up a new LDS feminist organization, WAVE: Women Advocating for Voice and Equality. I’m sure I’ll have a feature post on this soon enough, but while we were driving to lunch at Sunstone, Tresa confirmed to me that WAVE is sort of meant to be Christians for Biblical Equality for Mormons, i. e. a conservative activist organization within the movement.

Congratulations to my LDS feminist friends on having their hard work recognized. I’m very excited for you.

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