Evangelical at BYU

This is a series of posts discussing why I as an evangelical Christian decided to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I began attending in January 2001 and graduated in August 2005 with a BA in Classical Studies (Classics Emphasis) and a minor in Hebrew.

The Road to BYU
Faith in the face of failure
Final preparations
Freshman, Part 1
Freshman, Part 2
Called to serve
Religion classes at BYU
The jokes that weren’t funny
When my Catholic friend converted
Non-member in the classroom
My evangelical Mormon professor
Strength Made Perfect in Weakness I
A promise from God
This one is just for the hell of it . . .

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Evangelical at BYU — 5 Comments

  1. TYD ~ I’m glad you liked the series. I try to make it fun. Religious dialogue gets so SRS a lot of the time, it’s exhausting.

    Feel free to Facebook me anytime. :)

  2. On a side note, can I say that I love your appropriate use of internet shorthand? So… my license plate is SRSLY (and DH’s is O RLY). And nobody gets it.

    My favorite license plate ever sighted? M0V3 Z1G. With a license plate holder that said “All your base are belong to us.”

  3. I think you should write a blog post about how your Christianity changed because of being at BYU. I think about this a lot, and would be really interested in hearing in what ways your thinking changed from the beginning of your time at BYU to the end of it.

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